Watercolor flowers Part 1 #heroarts

So this past Friday I was in the office alone and on my lunch break I decided to take another stab at watercoloring, but this time  with some Tombow Dual Brush markers and my newly purchased Pentel waterbrush.



I used the method of scribbling ink on an acrylic block and picking it up with my water brush & then applying it to paper. (Speaking of paper this is a ready cut 5×7 pack of Strathmore paper). I don’t know too much about shadows and such so I just colored until I liked what I saw. My technique also included applying the marker directly to the flower and then dragging the color out with my water brush.

What I can say with this particular brush is that the water flow is steady and strong so for this project I didn’t fill the brush. To apply water I would dip the brush in water, wipe it on a paper towel and then apply it to the paper.

Once I finished coloring, I decided I wanted some shimmer. I don’t have any shimmer sprays so I scribbled some of my Recollections watercolor crayons (the white one) on a block and applied it over the top of each flower. SHIMMER! For this panel I decided to use it as a Mother’s Day card. Stay tuned!!!






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