Recollections Watercolor Crayons creations

So if you haven’t been living under a rock you will have seen or heard of via Periscope or any other social media the Recollections watercolor crayons. I initially heard of them from MzDanaJoy from Got Joy Creations.

I don’t own any other watercolor crayons, but I fell in love with these. At a price of $8.99 these were an amazing buy.


This post is just going to be me playing around with these crayons. I wasn’t sure how to use them so I just followed what Dana did. I took some watercolor paper ($2.99 from Target), scribbled some colors on and blended them with a damp finger.

Yes! A damp finger. And the shimmer that these crayons hold. I give them a 10!



I first tried two blue shades and one mint turquoise/aqua green color. Once dry, I then gold embossed over it with the Taylored Expressions Daughter of the King stamp.


Unfortunately, my finished product didn’t come out too well. I think the idea was solid, but the gold I used was not ‘strong’ enough to overtake the blue colors of the background. :sighs: We live and we learn.

On to card two.

I did the same exact steps except this time I used some old Winnie the Pooh notecards that I owned. I fussy cut the Pooh image and set it aside. I moved on to the sentiment. This time I used the Wplus9 Strictly Sentiments 2 stamp set. Throw on some sequins and the Pooh image and I’m done.


Note: I could stand to blend the colors a little longer, but I am super satisfied with the finished product. 🙂






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